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By Dr. John Ivan Coby

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He took another good suck of the whiskey bottle.  This sent a shiver of fear through him. The bottle of Old Timer slipped out of his hand and smashed on the ground. Out of the darkest blackness of Bob’s universe, a deep, baritone voice began to sing in a Southern Baptist Gospel style. ’ He couldn’t believe his ears when he heard the music, and he couldn’t believe his eyes when tears started to flow out of them, and he couldn’t believe his legs when they collapsed onto their knees, and he couldn’t believe his hands when they came together to pray, and he couldn’t believe his mouth when it uttered the words, ‘Dear God, I’m so … so sorry’.

An eternity is the same thing on another axis. Oh sorry, time’s up. Go back. See how they’re totally essential to existence?  They don’t want to understand em, that’s why they came up with the bullshit big bang. They just can’t cope with somethin existin without it havin begun. They can’t deal with that. An they can’t deal with somethin existin forever, without an end.  But the ultimate reality is this, only truth is real, only truth exists, an the lie, the big bullshit lie can’t exist, it doesn’t exist … actually, it does, but only as an idea.

37 Chapter Five THE PRIMAL DREAM 1 ‘Can you imagine how chaotic life would be without infinity?  I don’t think there can be a reality without infinity. Anythin finite must have borders an boundaries. An when you have boundaries, you have to have somethin outside of em. An there goes your finite universe.  You see? What infinity does is it removes the wall, an everythin outside the wall; cause there is no outside. An eternity is the same thing on another axis. Oh sorry, time’s up. Go back. See how they’re totally essential to existence?

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2023 by Dr. John Ivan Coby

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