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By Giles Ji Ungpakorn

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30 A Coup For the Rich Thailand’s political Crisis The “Tank Liberals” Today in Thailand we have the phenomenon of “Tank Liberals”. These are people who for years have claimed to be “liberal democrats”, in favour of democracy. Yet when put to the test during the present crisis, they sided with the military coup rather than side with the poor. As the Left has shown in its public opposition to the coup, whether it be actions by the “19th September Network Against the Coup” or the progressive movements in the Thai Social Forum, it is possible to oppose Taksin and oppose the coup.

Journal of Contemporary Asia 32 (2), 191-205. 34 A Coup For the Rich Thailand’s political Crisis February to April 2006. The largest of these rallies was attended by up to 100,000 people. D. chose 5 leaders to lead the movement: 1. Sondhi Limtongkul: Conservative Royalist media tycoon and owner of the Manager Group. 2. Chamlong Simuang: Ex-Palang Tham Party leader, leading light in the Buddhist Santi Asoke movement and one of the leaders of the May 1992 democracy protest. 3. Somsak Kosaisuk: Retired leader of the Railway workers union, Organiser of the Thai Labour Solidarity Committee and one of the leaders of the May 1992 democracy movement.

Policies. 36 See Nigel Harris (1978) The Mandate of Heaven. Marx and Mao in Modern China. Quartet Books. And Ian Birchall (1974) Workers against the monolith. The Communist Parties since 1943. Pluto Press. D. comes out of interviews of 31 Peoples’ Movement activists, carred out by the author’s research team in early to mid 2006, together with surveys of media reports and declarations. The full results have been published in Thai in the book: Ji Ungpakorn et al. (2006) Social Movements in Thailand.

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